A creative agency that puts both heart and mind into your new logo, website, corporate video or social media campaign. For us at Komini, no task is too small or too big and we expect you to set high standards while being brave and open to new ideas. You are not afraid to think differently – to stand out.

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We are driven by our customers looking better than their competitors. With a smart and sharp logo, fonts that make you want to read more and colors, shapes and patterns that make your brand easily recognizable, we help you create a great first impression.

Web design

Regardless of whether you want a simpler website, an online store or a learning platform, we help you create a site that is equal parts beautiful and user-friendly. It should be easy to enjoy your website and just as easy for you to manage it when our work is done.

Video production

A picture can say more than a thousand words, but with a video you can say exactly what you want to say. With sharp storytelling, modern film equipment and knowledge in animation and 3D, we help you convey your message so that it suits your audience.

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Selected case

Selected case

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